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The Wither Chronicles, Book I, details the life and times of the bad guys in the series. The books can be read in any order.

Wither Chronicles Book I
By Geoffrey C Porter

A great romantic comedy set in a world clouded by darkness, after the fall of the Roman Empire, but before the rise of kings. People must toil the land to produce food, and the Bible is the dominant law. Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.

Evelyn learns she is a witch at a young age, and the powers that be ask the impossible of her. Will she master her skills and find love?

Meanwhile, Derek explores what his magic can do and finds some warlocks that aren't too happy with his actions.
No longer available, in revision...
"I was captured by the story (and its sequels) and didn't stop reading until I finished." ~ Gaetano C.

Winter's Line Book II
By Geoffrey C Porter

A tale of love, comedy, and revenge set in early Renaissance Europe, before the discovery of America. When muskets are just beginning to spread across the land, and society is on the brink of discovering true science and art.

Eriq Winter learns at a young age that he is an uncommon magic user. His father is murdered by the forces of Memnock, a dark entity of nature. Eriq studies the art of war with the help of a mentor, Jericho. He quests for love, but will he find it? Can he become strong enough to avenge his father? Will Jericho teach him anything besides how to drink whiskey and lose at chess?
No longer available, in revision...
"A heart grabbing book that obviously puts Geoff in line with the finest novelists." ~ Alan A.

The Witch of the Woods Book III
By Geoffrey C Porter

A modern day love story set in America with one minor exception: magic users abound. Warlocks have fortified schools hidden throughout the land. The forces of darkness have sanctuaries and allies too.

Ashley is almost eaten by werewolves, but Eriq Winter saves her. He tests her for magic abilities, and they find out she's a witch. Warlocks hope to hide her, but Ashley won't be kept caged. Will she be able to quiet her powers and disappear back into a quasi-normal existence? Can the forces of darkness catch her? Will Memnock leave his mountain-castle bent on her destruction?
No longer available, in revision...
"The witch is a powerful novel that will keep you up late at night right from the beginning, all the way through the end." ~ David M.

The following books aren't part of the "W" series. They stand alone:
Juxta, Magi
By Geoffrey C Porter

Prepare yourself for an epic tale set in a rich fantasy world. Embark on a journey with Juxta and his companions as they fight against a great and malicious evil. Juxta is the child of a dire prophecy. Is Juxta the doombringer? Will the prophecy be fulfilled, or can Juxta break the stranglehold of fate?
No longer available, in revision...
"An exciting tale of intrigue and betrayal placed on an equally exciting background of a world rich with magic." ~ Joseph T.

Lost and Found: the Crimson Path
By Geoffrey C Porter

A story of love lost--a man who loves the memory of his dead wife more than life itself. He's sucked into a job slaying vampires with no hope of winning. Will he learn to love again? Will he keep his sanity in a crazy world? Will he stumble upon a glimmer of hope that there might someday be victory?
No longer available, in revision...
"An amazing story, with a few twists and turns." ~ Sarah A.

2011 Untied Shoelaces of the Mind Anthology

Brought to you by the super ninja editors of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind: Geoffrey Porter, Eva Wheelbarger, and Jeffrey Breault. We processed thousands of stories to bring you the very best of the bunch.
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